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The Palestinian Uprising Against Occupation

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Al-Quds: Once Again, History Repeats Itself

October 3

Almost thirteen years ago, the Grand Intifadah of 1987 broke out in the Palestinian territories. During the Intifadah, Palestinians, particularly Palestinian children made the ultimate sacrifice of death and registered heroic acts that gained the admiration of the world. Those children, like all Palestinians, realized that the peace process has become nothing but a circular dialogue with no real results and that Israel is using Palestinian rights and the international legitimacy given to those rights as a bargaining chip for cheap political deals. Israel proved its intensions in the way it dealt with issue of Jerusalem and the Muslim Holy Sites in the Al Aqsa. Israel revealed its true intensions and its flagrant disregard to Muslim rights and feelings.

The visit by the right-wing Likud leader Ariel Sharon, whose history is soaked in Palestinian blood and in criminal acts against Palestinians, was nothing more then the spark for a barrel of gun powder.

An explosion by Palestinians defending their rights and holy city, armed only with rocks against Israeli bullets and rockets, and Palestinian police with rifles defending themselves and citizens.