Roberto Battista

video, photography, sound, interactive multimedia
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2014, big changes and good news while entering my 20th year of digital and 35th of audiovisual productions!

I am now mainly based in Italy where I have finalised partnership agreements with a video production company and a multimedia development company; I have known both for more than 20 years, during which each has developed an enviable professional reputation.
These partnerships provide the capacity, resilience, flexibility and expertise allowing me to manage larger and more complex projects while continuing to guarantee timely delivery, high quality and innovation.
What’s more, prices will remain the same!

Besides these companies I can also rely on an extensive international network of trusted freelance professionals, including composers, musicians, film makers, video producers, animators, editors, programmers, writers, educators, theatre and dance performers and trainers, event organisers and more, for a truly 360° creative service.

zenit logo Zenit is an award winning film production company specialising in documentaries of international scale, mainly focussing on history, science, politics and society; they offer services for all stages of production, from concept development and in-depth research to filming anywhere in the world to post production as well as turnkey production solutions, they also have experience in public interactive media installations.
janus logo Janus specialises in the development of custom software and mobile apps, public information systems, multimedia applications for institutions, museums, public administrations and government, live interactive systems and real time data feeds, business management software, training and e-commerce solutions. The company employs designers, developers and IT services offering a full in-house service.